Writing to your elected members

If you’re concerned about Tarbolton Tip and environmental matters affecting Ayrshire, then take time to email, phone, or write to your elected representatives.

One of the most effective ways of contacting your MP and Elected Members is through the social community monitoring sites WriteToThem.com and TheyWorkForYou.com. You can fax or email your elected members through these sites and statistics are kept by this organisation on whether, and how well, your elected members respond to the issues you raise. Clicking on the links will take you directly to an email form to write to them. You can also check out their surgery times with the Scottish Parliament. This issue will not just affect Tarbolton and Ayrshire, but potentially anywhere the rubbish and toxic hospital waste is transported through.  This page will be updated regularly with phone and surgery times for your elected members.

If you live in Tarbolton and Mossblown, your Local Councillors are:

Your MSP are:

MSPs for South Scotland:

Your MP is:

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